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How Chiropractic Can Help You This Season

Spring season is right around the corner. Baseball will be in full swing and teams will be competing for The World Series. Every player is trying to have an MVP year to help their team lift the trophy and consider themselves the best of the best.

Currently, 28 professional teams utilize some form of chiropractic serves and a lot of Minor League teams do as well. It isn’t too surprising since teams want their biggest stars to be able to stay fit, avoid injuries and improve their performance.

One study found that over a course of several weeks, baseball players that were treated with chiropractic care had positive correlations between chiropractic adjustments and athletic performance. It seems that healthy oxygenation of tissues was important in this correlation since improvement in capillary coBaseball Player, Shortstop, Infieldunt was found in the group who received chiropractic care.

Another study took fifty athletes and divided them into two groups. The first group of athletes were the control group and did not receive chiropractic care while group two received chiropractic care. Multiple tests were used to measure the athlete’s performance: agility, balance, perception, power, and reaction time. After six weeks, both groups were tested and the control group had minor improvements in all performances while the group with chiropractic care had significantly improved in all categories. One performance that stood out was that of the athlete’s speed of reaction. The control group only had less than 1% response while the chiropractic group had an 18% increase in speed of reaction.

This is very important when it comes to baseball. Think about how fast a pitch is delivered. Having an increase in your reaction time could greatly improve your batting average.

This goes for all sports, not just baseball. Reaction can be the difference in reaching the next level in your competition. Have a chiropractor assess your spine and help you have the best season this year!

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