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How The Brain Is Affected From Chiropractic Care

A recent study considered Chiropractic adjustments and how they influence patient brain activity. This study stands out among the rest in that none of the patients were experiencing any pain. If you think about it, many people visit Chiropractors when they are already experiencing pain. What this study showed is that there are more benefits to Chiropractic care than pain management, and that maintenance care can be highly advantageous. Maintenance care is like changing the oil in your car, you are maintaining the car’s fluids to make sure the car will last longer and reduce the chance of any serious issues happening later.Image result for chiropractic care

During this study two groups were formed: Group A who received a true Chiropractic adjustment and Group B received a placebo or fake adjustment. During the study, cervical or neck adjustments were given to Group A while their brain activity was being recorded on a Digital Brain Scanner. To their findings, the adjustment had a direct effect on the sensory input to the brain, and the cortex of their brains showed stimulation by lighting up.

Group B was then placed on a chiropractic table and put into am adjusting position, however they never received the actual adjustment. The results of Group B’s scan showed no stimulation.

An adjustment addresses a misalignment, or subluxation, in the spine. A subluxation can cause the nervous system to become interrupted, this is significant because your nervous system supplies every cell, tissue, organ, and muscle in your body!  A Chiropractic adjustment will restore function to the nervous system improving not only motion in the joints, but better equipping the body to adapt to its surroundings. This study, done by Dr. Heidi shows that patients do not need to have symptoms to receive and benefit from an adjustment.


A common question when patients first visit the office is “how many times a week do I have to come in.” Everyone is different, the road to care for Patient A is not the same for Patient B, but the optimal goal is to get you into a maintenance care plan!  Depending on how well your body adapts to the adjustment, determines how many times we would have to see you in the meantime, this also mean following recommendations for home care!  The unique thing about Chiropractic is that you as a patient are just as involved in your health as we are, which makes us a team, and a player who cares just as much about their health as we do, tends to get the best results.

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” – Anne Wilson Schaef

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