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The effects of poor posture can be serious in terms of health, comfort and efficiency, causing fatigue. Many problems can be helped. If you or a member of your family have what appears to be a postural problem, you should seek the advice of a doctor of chiropractic.

If not corrected, poor posture can affect a person’s health and well-being throughout

Image result for posturehis or her life. Poor posture contributes to shallow breathing, a cramped chest cavity, faulty digestion, poor elimination, and poor circulation, each of which affects not only the functions of individual organs, but also the system. It will also contribute to the accelerated degeneration of spinal and other joints and discs. Lack of energy and reduced coordination are just two of many symptoms of a body that is not functioning efficiently.


At Merkel Chiropractic we treat all types of postures to help restore the balance needed for you to have a healthy lifestyle.

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